Goth Dolls

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This is not a RATING community and you don't have to be 'Gothic' to join. Please just make sure you read all of the RULES before posting.

Community Rules:

-All genders are welcome and you may post photos if they are: Gothic, Fetish, JRock, Punk, Alternative, Cyber, Lolita or Pin-up.

-Photographers are welcome to show their work as long as it fits into one of the categories mentioned above.

-You may post as many photos as you like, but please use the lj-cut code if you are posting more then two. Also keep the un-cut version no bigger than 550 in width! (height can be any size, width is causing issues with people's friends lists)

-Nudity is allowed but put it behind an lj-cut with a warning. (Not everyone can look at naked photos at their work place)

-If you post a broken link, please edit your mistake.

-You may ONLY promote your community if you are also posting a photo.

-EVERYONE is free to comment but if you are planning to cause shit, your ass will be banned.

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Photograph used in the Goth Doll banner: Gunnm (aka Battle Angel)